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Our consulting services are generally intended for smaller organizations struggling in a variety of areas, with resource and expertise gaps, budgetary limitations, and turnover and administrative issues that create enterprise risks. As a team of financial services executives with decades of experience, we have come together after years in the industry, to provide large organization insight and solutions to institutions constrained by size and scale. 


We welcome you to take a look at some of our representative projects below and Contact us today to discuss a manageable level of support for your organization.

Strategic Support Projects


Strategic Planning Sessions

We develop and facilitate an engaging and thought-provoking planning session, focused on both internal and external threats and opportunities, to develop your vision, mission and set goals. Best done in conjunction with a team assessment to maximize results.


Team Building

In any organization, silos, agendas and conflicts of interest can create a cascading set of obstacles to success. We will assess your team dynamics, identify strengths you can build on, and address areas of conflict, to create leadership alignment and ownership within your organization. 


Secondary/Credit Risk Strategies

Let our structured finance expert dive in to your financials and provide you with a fresh perspective on how to manage balance sheet and interest rate risk, as well as liquidity challenges. This engagement will highlight operational and strategic priorities, and opportunities to maximize your portfolio.

Informative Interview

Product & Sales Process Review 

We conduct a complete analysis of your products and services, as well as your sales process, and provide recommendations to help you enhance your competitive state, and increase revenue and engagement from existing relationships.

Marketing team meeting

Member Growth & Marketing 

Based on your mission and growth objectives, we perform a detailed analysis of your market, and identify opportunities to expand within your footprint. We can also assist with your branding initiatives and marketing campaigns.  


Contact Center Evaluation

We work with you to analyze your existing platform and develop a strategy, including technology enhancements, staff, and training recommendations, that will allow you to improve efficiencies and compete more effectively. 

Strategic Support

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Root Problem-Solving 


Process & Journey Mapping

The most critical aspect of effecting change to a process is to understand its current state, from both the internal user and consumer perspectives. We conduct powerful sessions with key employees who work within the process and can help quickly identify areas of needed change, as well as the framework for future state designs.


System Review & Gap Analysis

Technology platforms and systems used by many organizations are often dramatically underutilized, create unnecessary obstacles that can impede processes, and cause frustration with consumers. We look closely at your systems, identify near term remediation options, and assess long term viability for future goals of your organization.



Work with our organizational development specialists to assess where key stakeholders may be mis-aligned. Creating a team of these core individuals who can work together cross functionally, is critical to any successful initiative.  We will  identify gaps and help you build the right leadership steering committees to drive success.


Policy, Quality & Compliance


Human Resources Strategy Development

More than ever your HR department is consumed by tactical, compliance- laden tasks, rather than strategic, cultural change dynamics. Culture change is the key to any successful strategy deployment. We help you create and maintain policies and systems, to help your team shift to strategic planning and development.  


Regulatory Compliance Analysis

Often over-looked, a compliance management system is the foundation for sustainable success. We can help you with both tactical management (how well are you keeping up with the explosive pace of change and rule adjustments across your organization), as well as strategic compliance, to identify growth opportunities and maximize the balance between compliance and operations.


Lending Risk Analysis

Policies and procedures can easily become stale, left on a shelf to collect dust. Leveraging analytics and integrating these documents into systems with controls and reporting metrics, are key to managing risk and making more profitable asset decisions. We will assess your current state, and review the compliance gaps you may have. Most importantly, we will align your risk profile, pricing and product strategies for growth.

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